Welcome to the most active Motor Sport Website in the world !

Information about our website.

Welcome to the most active Motor Sport Website in the world ! News in English

What is TurkF1.com?

TurkF1.com is the leading Motor Sports and Auto News agency in Turkey.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to provide the best and most accurate news to our readers.

What is the language of this website?

When we first launched our website we intented to keep it in Turkish but after acquire soo many team and organizaston partnerships the amount of English content in our hands was too much to ignore. Therefore we launched an english section of our website for our international visitors.

What parts of this website is in English?

For now only the “News in English” section will contain English news but as you can see English section is a mixture of news coming from diffrent sources. In time we have plans to divide them into proper menus and extend our website.

So as an international viewer am I rescrited to the News in English section?

Absoluetly not our gallery and videos section is full of great content and %90 of our videos is in English and there is no need to know any type of other language to check our galleries. You can reach those sections via menu’s in the red bar or the small text links above the page.

What is Offical Partner or Offical news?

Rightnow TurkF1.com has an accsess to all F1 team’s media libraries (except Ferrari) so the news which is labelled is not written by us instead they are directly coming from teams media department.

Why should I stick with your website instead of other big Motor Sport Agencies?

The amount of news we enter into this website are way above the any international website you can find (check the dates and Turkish section) in GP weekends sometimes we enter 50 news in one day. For now the English section of our website will be build upon the offical statements but if everything goes right we can put our human resources to work to create more English content for our international visitors.

Please note that our English section is just launched so the amount of contet we have in here is still in low numbers. But if you check the Turkish part of our website you can see the amount of news we have is much greater than the any popular international website you follow so in just weeks this section have hundreads of news.


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